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10 Very Informative & Practically Useless Facts that You NEED to Know

1. The Empire State Building in New York City has it’s own zip code, 10118.

2. Some moths never eat anything as adults because they don’t have mouths. They must live on the energy they stored as caterpillars.

3. If you had 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies you’d have $1.19. But you couldn’t make change for a dollar.

4. Everyone knows about Pangaea, right? It’s the supercontinent that existed before it broke apart and formed the continents as we know them today. But not everyone knows there were other supercontinents before that, and eventually all of the continents will come together again and form another supercontinent. This process will repeat ad infinitum in a cycle aptly named The Supercontinent Cycle.

5. A buttload is an actual term of measurement for wine. It equals 126 gallons.

6 . Mirrors are actually green. If you hold two mirrors in front of each other so that they’re infinitely reflecting, you will notice a slight green tint. This is because they reflect green light slightly better thus making them green.

7. The ‘mystery flavor’ of Dum Dum lollipops comes from when the flavor tanks on the production line are bring changed over. So the mystery flavor is whatever the new flavor is mixed in with whatever the old flavor was.

8. Yoda and Miss Piggy were both voiced by the same person.

9. The second player controller controlled the duck on Nintendo’s Duck Hunt.

10. A poem about what to do when encountering bears:

  • If it’s brown, go lay down (go play dead)
  • If it’s black, go on the attack (scare it away!)
  • If it’s white, say good night (it was nice knowing you)


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