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15 wrestlers that have been blacklisted by WWE

Some you know and others might surprise you

via WWE.com

If you are someone like John Cena, The Undertaker or Triple H then you are probably set for life because WWE respects wrestlers that keep in line with the company message. Cena is on the verge of becoming Hollywood’s next breakout star. The Undertaker has been with the company since 1990 and, by all accounts, is never one to air his grievances publically and he doesn’t have a reputation of getting in trouble in real life. Triple H? Well, we all know that Triple H is safe. In fact, the belief is that he and wife Stephanie McMahon will take over WWE when Vince McMahon steps down or passes away.

There have been several wrestlers that have been blacklisted by WWE over the past several years. Some of them have been lower card wrestlers but there have also been some very prominent names that have been blacklisted for various reasons. Some were blacklisted for personal issues, behavior issues and a couple could be permanently blacklisted because of high-profile murder cases.

Here is our list of wrestlers that are considered to be blacklisted by WWE. In the case of those that are currently blacklisted, you might never hear these guys names used on WWE programming again.

Kurt Angle

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Kurt Angle is the only professional wrestler to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Angle was signed by WWE in 1999, three years after he won the gold medal for the United States. He was skyrocketed as a top guy in the company but personal issues and injuries would get the better of him. He and WWE had a nasty split in 2006 after he was moved down to the ECW brand. Angle’s side claimed at the time that he chose to leave while people within WWE claimed that he was let go because the company was very concerned about his substance abuse issues. Angle signed with TNA Wrestling later that year and finished his run with them in early 2016.

Rumors have popped up about a possible return for Angle. Angle has expressed his desire to work with WWE again and he says that he is now clean and sober but WWE has been hesitant to work with him because, according to wrestling news sites, Vince McMahon is worried about Angle passing away while on his watch. If that happened, then it would be a huge black eye for WWE and the negative press would be at an all-time high. Hopefully, WWE and Angle will end up working together again.

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