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15 wrestlers that have been blacklisted by WWE

Some you know and others might surprise you

Ultimate Warrior

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior was one of WWE’s biggest names in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was even anointed as the top star in 1990 when Hulk Hogan took a sabbatical so he could film “Suburban Commando” after the classic Hogan/Warrior match at WrestleMania VI.

Warrior’s relationship with Vince McMahon was always rocky, at best. He walked out of the company in August 1991 due to a contract dispute but he was brought back in 1992 for WrestleMania VIII. Warrior’s run ended again in late 1992 after McMahon found out that Warrior and Davey Boy Smith were getting HGH in the mail. McMahon promptly fired Smith and Warrior. This was during the time when the company was really cracking down on drugs because of the scandals that were all over the media that year.

Warrior was brought back in 1996 but that run lasted for just a few months. There was a lawsuit in 2000 (Warrior won) over the rights to his name and he became persona non grata for many years. Thankfully, WWE and Warrior mended fences and he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2014 just 2 days before his untimely death.

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