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15 wrestlers that have been blacklisted by WWE

Some you know and others might surprise you

Jeff Jarrett

via TNA Wrestling
via TNA Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett wrestled for WWE in the mid to late 90s and has not been heard from since then. Jarrett bounced and forth between WWE and WCW but it was his last run in WWE that led them to them¬†erasing him from their history…sort of. He can be seen on WWE Network archival footage but you will not hear Jarrett’s name on WWE TV or interviewed on WWE.com.

Jarrett allegedly held up WWE for $100,000 before his exit in 1999. Jarrett had leverage because his contract expired one day before he was scheduled to defend the Intercontinental title against Chyna and WWE needed him to drop the belt before he left to WCW. Jarrett’s name was mentioned during the famous Monday Night Raw/Monday Nitro simulcast when Vince McMahon proclaimed that some WCW stars (including Jarrett) would remain buried.

Jarrett launched TNA Wrestling in 2002 and he is currently working on getting Global Force Wrestling off the ground.

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