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15 wrestlers that have been blacklisted by WWE

Some you know and others might surprise you


via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Kevin Wacholz (Nailz) was brought in for a feud with The Big Boss Man in 1992. This intimidating monster wrestled as Kevin Kelly for the AWA just a few years earlier but few fans knew that because Nailz looked nothing like the pretty boy Kelly from 1987. He was very convincing in his role and while he did a good job playing the part, it was a backstage incident with Vince McMahon that caused WWE to never utter his name on WWE TV again.

Nailz allegedly grabbed Vince McMahon by the throat in the locker room before a show because he was upset about his pay. Nailz then put out a story claiming that McMahon tried to sexually assault him. Obviously, there was no merit to that story and he was promptly fired by the company.

Nailz testified in McMahon’s steroid trial and claimed that McMahon told him to take steroids.

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