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8 WWE Superstars You Didnt Know Wrestled in Japan

Starting with Japan

We have all come to love wrestling.  Most of us have our favorite brands and superstars and we watch them religiously.  But, before our favorite superstars made themselves at home on the brand you love to watch, they were traveling the world wrestling in places you only dream to go!  Here is our top 8 WWE superstars you didn’t know wrestled in Japan.

8. Hulk Hogan

During some of his stints with the WWF, the Immortal one was also dominating over in Japan.  From the years 1980-1985 Hulk Hogan wrestled with New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Over in Japan, he didn’t use his Hulk persona.  He used the name “Ichiban” which means “Number One” in English.  While wrestling overseas he even used a variety of different moves.  He even switched his finisher for a brief time from a running leg drop to a crooked arm lariat.  His stint in Japan continued until 1985 when the WWF ended their long relationship with New Japan.

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