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    8 WWE Superstars You Didnt Know Wrestled in Japan

    Starting with Japan We have all come to love wrestling.  Most of us have our favorite brands and superstars and we watch them religiously.  But, before our favorite superstars made themselves at home on the brand you love to watch, they were traveling the world wrestling in places you only dream to go!  Here is […]

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    10 most savage memes about WWE

    Meme’s lately have been taking over the internet.  Most are hilarious, but some are cringe-worthy. Here are our 10 most savage memes about WWE. 10. Vince Mcmahon Click on the “NEXT” button below for number 9!

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    How We Can Save Independent Wrestling

      Independent wrestling is so important to the professional wrestling world.  All over the world right now, people are training to pursue their careers in the wrestling industry.  We as fans, can interact nth these up and coming stars and really give them the branding and the push they need to make a big name […]

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    Is Donald Trump about to fire Sean Spicer?

    It looks like no one in Donald Trump’s administration is safe from getting the axe. CNN is reporting that a White House official informed them that officials at the highest levels, including President Donald Trump, are monitoring Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ performances at the daily press briefings. She is substituting for Sean Spicer […]

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    Kelly Clarkson returning full-time to American Idol?

    Kelly Clarkson may be close to returning to the show that made her famous. TMZ is reporting that ABC is expressing “serious interest” in Clarkson to be a judge on the show. Idol was picked up by ABC and there are talks of format changes that would make it easier for everyone that will be […]

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    Top 8 WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Served in the Military

    8. Kenneth Crawford Shortly after finishing high school, Kenneth Crawford enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He was a star athlete in high school which carried over into his military career. He scored a perfect 300 on his physical fitness test. He later signed with NXT (WWE Talent Development) and hopes to make it […]

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    Top 6 Reasons Its Best Chris Jericho Comes and Goes

    6. New Catch Phrases Let’s be honest for a second. When Chris Jericho rips out a new catchphrase or even uses an old one for the first time in a long time our heart grows a little bit. Dating way back to Raw…Is…JERICHO in 1999 we all lost our minds when he belted our favorite […]

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    Donald Trump Inauguration Protestors Damage Property, Sprayed With Pepper Spray

    Inauguration Day is bringing out Trump protestors in droves. In D.C., a group of demonstrators wearing black began to damage businesses and property just blocks away from Capitol Hill, the site President Trump’s inauguration. Protesters threw bricks through windows of a Starbucks, a McDonald’s, a Bank of America branch and a cafe. A CBS News producer […]

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    You’ll never guess what John Cena’s net worth is

    John Cena is best known for being a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, underground rapper, and has recently broken into the world of acting, with a net worth of $45 million he is definitely doing something right. Wrestling Cena began his wrestling career in 2000 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling and won the UPW Heavyweight Championship. In 2001 he signed […]