How We Can Save Independent Wrestling


Independent wrestling is so important to the professional wrestling world.  All over the world right now, people are training to pursue their careers in the wrestling industry.  We as fans, can interact nth these up and coming stars and really give them the branding and the push they need to make a big name for them selves.  The only way to live out their wrestling name to the fullest is to have a name for themselves.  This is how they do it.

Go to your local Indy shows.

If you are a fan of pro wrestling and do not want to pay the price of a ticket to a televised show, go to your local Indy show!  All over the world there is someone trying to pursue their dreams.  Why should this dream be the dream every one tears down?  Indy shows are great!  The stars really interact with the crown more so than the larger brands.  There is a lot more leeway than a live televised production.  A lot of times your favorite superstars, past and present will headline the shows.  That is a great chance to get some one on one time with some of your favorites.

Buy some merchandise.

One of the biggest things you could do to support these shows besides just going to the show is buying their merchandise.  Buying even just one T-shirt means they have that much extra cash to do another show in your area.  Most of the time, up and comers only get paid enough to cover gas to get to the show, or nothing at all.  They are just purely doing it for fun.  When these stars finally get the recognition they deserve, you will have already had original merch, allowing you to save on the sky-rocketed price.  I personally would have killed to have an original Randy Savage or Undertaker gear.

Tell all of your friends.

One of the biggest obstacles most Indy brands fall into is the advertisement they need.  They rely on Facebook and Twitter shares and loyal fans to attend.  Bring some of your friends next time.  Next time they will bring their friends, and so on and so forth.  Before you know it there could be 500 plus people there.  That is exactly how we can help these future superstars get the training and appreciation they need to be successful.

Did we miss anything?  Any good tips for upcoming wrestlers and/or Indy fans?  What is your favorite Indy brand?  Let us know in the comment section.



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