Charlie Sheen says he knows other celebrities in Hollywood with HIV

A shocking revelation


Charlie Sheen apparently has some dirt on other Hollywood celebrities. Sheen appeared on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Wednesday and dropped a big bombshell.

Sheen said that he knows of a few celebrities that are secretly living with HIV but luckily for them, he is not going to reveal who they are. Sheen said, “I will take that to my grave.”

He also ripped on Jenny McCarthy after she was critical of him for not telling her about his diagnosis when she filmed an episode of “Two and a Half Men” with him.” He fired back and said that he did not have HIV during that time period.

Back in 2015 during a “Today” Show interview, sheen admitted publicly for the first time that he was HIV-positive. The revelation came after the news was published by tabloids. He claimed that he’s been taking a miracle drug from a doctor in Mexico.

See below for Sheen’s 2015 appearance on the TODAY show where he first came out as HIV positive.


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