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Donald Trump and Second Wife Marla Maples’ Wedding Registry Leaked

People Magazine

When Donald Trump wed his second wife Marla Maples we can only assume he had a badass wedding and apparently an even more badass wedding registry. I mean what can you really buy a billionaire that he doesn’t already have?

Their wedding took place in 1993 at the Plaza Hotel and it was a star-studded event. According to Daily Mail the newlyweds  served over $60,000 in caviar, sushi, lamb, and turkey and their cake was six-feet tall made solely of vanilla ice cream cake.


According to TMZ the Trump’s Registry there were the items his friends gifted them.

—  $610 decanter (Mariah and Tommy Mottola)

—  $540 pitcher (Monica Seles)

—  $530 crystal sail sculpture (Howard Stern)

—  $400 wine cooler (Hugh Hefner’s daughter, Christie)

—  $300 serving platter (Kathie and Frank Lee Gifford)

—  $1,250 for a bowl (Don King)

The irony of this lavish registry was that his wife created the registry AFTER he wedding. One can only imagine the gifts they actually received on the big day.

They announced their separation in 1997. Various reports list their divorce settlement at $2 – $5 million.


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