Is Donald Trump about to fire Sean Spicer?

Is he on his way out?

Donald Trump (Reuters/Dominick Reuter) and Sean Spicer (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

It looks like no one in Donald Trump’s administration is safe from getting the axe. CNN is reporting that a White House official informed them that officials at the highest levels, including President Donald Trump, are monitoring Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ performances at the daily press briefings. She is substituting for Sean Spicer this week as he fulfills his Navy Reserve duties at the Pentagon.

Multiple White House sources say that his absence comes at a critical week for the President and it comes off like he has been “benched” and that his reserve duty “couldn’t have come at a worse time for him.” Given that President Trump fired FBI director James Comey this week, this would be the most newsworthy week since his inauguration.

Another White House official has disputed the idea that Spicer has been “benched” and a different source pointed out that Spicer “is following military orders, not military suggestions.” There have been reports in recent weeks about Trump being unhappy with Spicer’s portrayal in the media and on Saturday Night Live. He’s been fodder for late night comics and has come under criticism over what some would say are contradictory statements regarding Trump’s policies, the Russia investigation, and other matters.

We should know more on Monday when Spicer is scheduled to resume his daily press briefing.


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