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‘Iraqi Rambo’ Has Killed 1,500+ ISIS Fighters So Far

Abu Azrael is referred to by many as the “Iraqi Rambo” and has reportedly taken out more than 1,500 ISIS fighters so far. He was nicknamed the ‘father of archangel of death’ in Arabic and is the poster boy of the Imam Ali brigade, which is an Iraqi Shi’a militia group sponsored by Iran.


Determined to defend his home and his country, Abu Azrael joined the Imam Ali brigade. He has become the figurehead of his organization and a hero to the people. His catchphrase “I’ll grind them to dust,” has become a rallying call on the streets of Baghdad and beyond. Iraqis are desperate to see the ISIS gone forever and Abu is giving everyone hope.

He shared videos on YouTube yo counteract ISIS propaganda and paint a more balanced picture of the Syrian war. He is seen grinning in his videos, showing off his skills by holding axes or waving swords. The Iraqi Rambo was recently filmed using a large machine gun near the city of Fallujah.

Look out ISIS, the Father of Archangel of Death is coming for you!


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