Kelly Clarkson returning full-time to American Idol?

ABC is reviving the show

FOX Broadcasting

Kelly Clarkson may be close to returning to the show that made her famous. TMZ is reporting that ABC is expressing “serious interest” in Clarkson to be a judge on the show. Idol was picked up by ABC and there are talks of format changes that would make it easier for everyone that will be working with the show.

Home base for the show auditions will be at Disney World and possibly Disneyland, instead of traveling across the country from city to city. That would save ABC a ton of money and one of the reasons why it made sense to them to revive the show. Several networks, including their old home at FOX, put in bids to get the rights to air the show.

There is also talk of airing the show just once a week, which would make it easier on Ryan Seacrest, who is expected to return as the host. As far as Clarkson, she is reportedly very interested in the opportunity and is already clearing her schedule to start filming for the audition shows.

There’s no word yet on when ABC plans to bring the show back but speculation is that it will be back on TV in the fall.


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