It’s not over yet… Hillary Clinton could still become U.S. President in 2017

Technically speaking Hillary Clinton still has a chance to win presidency on December 19th as this is when the electorates vote for the president. If you are anti-Trump then this is your hail mary.

Here is a video explaining why and how this electoral college works. 

It’s a bit complicated but basically, a vote for the democratic nominee equals a democratic electorate. There are 539 electorates who can vote whichever way they please on December 19th. 

Hillary would need 20 electorates to go against their party and vote democratic. When an electorate goes against his party it’s called a faithless elector and it’s rare, 99% of electorates have always voted for their party. They could also choose not to vote which is basically a vote for Hillary. 

There is a Change.org petition is encourage the electorates to vote for Hillary. You can sign it here

With the craziness of this election, anything can happen. I guess we will find out on December 19th.


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