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    Donald Trump Inauguration Protestors Damage Property, Sprayed With Pepper Spray

    Inauguration Day is bringing out Trump protestors in droves. In D.C., a group of demonstrators wearing black began to damage businesses and property just blocks away from Capitol Hill, the site President Trump’s inauguration. Protesters threw bricks through windows of a Starbucks, a McDonald’s, a Bank of America branch and a cafe. A CBS News producer […]

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    You’ll never guess what John Cena’s net worth is

    John Cena is best known for being a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, underground rapper, and has recently broken into the world of acting, with a net worth of $45 million he is definitely doing something right. Wrestling Cena began his wrestling career in 2000 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling and won the UPW Heavyweight Championship. In 2001 he signed […]

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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

    1.  He has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or done drugs. His older brother, Fred, was an alcoholic for many years and warned his younger brother to avoid drinking. Fred ultimately died from his addiction and could potentially be the reason why Trump abstains from alcohol. 2. His infamous hairdo is achieved by blow-drying his […]

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    Where did Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer come from?

    Rudolph first appeared in 1939 in a booklet written by Robert L. May that was published by Montgomery Ward, a department store. He is usually depicted as a young calf who barely has antlers and a glowing red nose. He is Santa’s ninth reindeer who is mocked and excluded by his peer for his difference […]

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    “Growing Pains” dad Alan Thicke dies at 69

    TV sitcom icon Alan Thicke has died, according to multiple reports. He reportedly had a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year old son and he was pronounced dead at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Thicke started having chest pains at about 11:30am and an ambulance was called. He passed away at about 12 […]

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    Neighbor breaks into house to pet cat

    A man in St Petersburg Florida broke into a woman’s home on November 20th at 3:30 a.m. to pet her cat. The homeowner Brittney Cline said she was in a dead sleep when her cat jumped off the bed which woke her up. “When I opened my eyes I could see the shadow of a […]

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    Guy with two dicks answers all your questions about his sex life

    This is very NSFW! A gentleman who chooses to remain anonymous has published two books with the pen name “Diphallic Dude” titled Double Header: My Life with Two Penises and Double Stuffed: Steamy Tales From My Love Life with Two Penises, where he shares his sexual journey of life with two penises.  If you need photographic evidence you can […]

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    Canadian cops punish drunk drivers with Nickelback

    The Kensington Police Service in the Prince Edward Island province is proactively taking steps to keep driver’s safe this holiday season by threatening to punish drunk drivers with its Nickelback. They posted a message on Facebook encouraging holiday drinkers to have a designated driver, jot down the number to a cab company or plan to sleep at […]