How Pokémon GO is changing the game

How Pokémon GO is changing the game


What’s going on with Pokémon GO ?

It’s more than just a major game release. It’s a phenomenon.

You have to actually leave your home to go out and catch Pokémon, which is strategically bringing people together. People are coming and going in droves and ending up places together like parks and museums. The best Pokémon are found in a communal setting.

When was the last time a video game captured imaginations and dominated the national conversation on social media, in real life, and pretty much everywhere like Pokémon GO has? Never, it’s never happened and it’s really bringing us all to ask a hundreds questions about what the future holds for gaming and apps in general because this is so freakin cool!

Live From Pokémon GO 

Streaming live from the Silicon Valley is Matt Schlicht who has been bicycling around town to witness and partake in this phenomenon. 


“Pokemon Go is the most mind blowing social phenomena I have ever experienced. If you haven’t played Pokemon Go, please do it. Not to experience Pokemon but to witness this massive shift in people’s behavior worldwide. It is incredible.” – Matt Schlicht

Is this a billion dollar idea?

The insane success of Pokémon GO has completely challenged conventional wisdom. Are location-based features far more powerful money-making tools than anyone has realized? Could Eighties and Nineties nostalgia items be recycled a lot more effectively than previously?  What does this mean for gaming in general?

Once Pokemon GO launches in markets other than the US, Australia and New Zealand, it will quite likely become a $1 billion annual behemoth. Yes you heard it 1 billion dollars (Dr Evil laugh). With moderately professional updates and expansions, it can stay at that level for at least 3-5 years. There is no reason why games such as Mario or Zelda wouldn’t be able to replicate this success with location based features.

This turn of events is a real blessing for both consumers and businesses alike. The eerily stagnancy of the mobile gaming market since 2013 has been its defining feature as an endless parade of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans clones. By next Christmas we will be seeing a massive reorientation of the mobile gaming business. Nothing will ever be the same.


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