Radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift speaks out

Gary Miller / FilmMagic

David Mueller, the radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift, spoke out for the first time since the allegations. He was interviewed by the Mojo in the Morning Radio Show and did admit to touching Swift but said that it was accidental. He also said that he never grabbed Swift’s ass while posing for a photo with her. He was fired after Swift made the allegations against him.

Swift is claiming that the 2013 incident happened at a meet and greet and according to the deposition, he “reached up under my skirt and grabbed my ass right when I was having to pose for a photo.” She said that she was shocked at what happened and it was like someone switched the lights off in her personality. She also says that the grabbing happened underneath her skirt as she posed with Mueller and his female companion.

Mueller claims that he was looking at the photographer and tried to get into the photo at the last second so he leaned in and he was just trying to get his hand around Swift. He said that he and Swift’s hands touched and arms crossed but his hand was never under her skirt and he never grabbed her. He says that it was 20 minutes later when security came to remove him from the venue.

You can listen to Mueller’s comments below:



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