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Shocking footage of Matador being gored 30cm deep in the butt by a bull


Manolo Briones/NTR Toros

Bullfighting is big in Mexico as a spectator sport. However, things can go wrong and they did earlier this week when a 1,160lb bull became annoyed at Matador Antonio Romero. Romero seemed to have things in control as he goaded the animal to come towards his red cape. The bull, named Caporal, knocked Romero down and as he tried to get up he proceeded to spear Romero in the butt. Thankfully, the goring ended when other bullfighters arrived to distract the bull while Romero was taken out of the arena.

The Mirror reports that Romero was left writhing in pain after being pierced by the bull and was immediately taken to the hospital. The report also states that his injuries were described as “severe” and he had a deep wound in his rectum. Thankfully, he is still alive.

Dr. Rafael Vazquez Bayod, the doctor treating Romero, was quoted as saying, “It is serious and deep – approximately 30 centimeters. At this moment we will operate in the hospital.”


You can watch the gruesome footage below. WARNING: It’s graphic.


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