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Top 5 Most Anti-American Wrestling Gimmicks

America, the beautiful.

Most of the time, we are partial to our native country.  We were created here, born here, and live here.  We tend to linger away when somebody brings our home country into question.  In the pro-wrestling community, we have people from all over the world who are patriotic to their own country as well and are not afraid to call out other countries on their flaws.  Below are our Top 5 most Anti-American wrestling gimmicks.

5. Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji

Many years back, the WWE brought in a sumo wrestler weighing in at 650 lbs to the main roster. This man was of the Samoan decent but was portrayed as Japanese. His manager Mr. Fuji, who also managed several tag teams, was considered an “evil heel”. He referred to us Americans as “scum”, often throwing shade to Hulk Hogan in his promos. He once even called Hogan a “yellow belly”.

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