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How to travel back in time

As far as physics it is theoretically possible to travel through time, however it’s not easy.

The video below explains this as simply as possible.

The steps are actually pretty straight forward.

1. Find a wormhole

A wormhole is a tunnel connecting two different locations in space. Wormholes may exist naturally in deep space and are said to “wink” in and out of existence all around us. It’s unlikely you will find a wormhole so you’ll need to create one using a particle accelerator. Ebay?

2. Stabilize the wormhole

Now you need to make sure objects can safely pass through the wormhole. You need to do this with an infusion of negative energy, which prevents the wormhole from being a black hole.

3. Tow the wormhole

Now this part is a little tricky. You need a highly advanced spaceship to separate the mouths of the wormhole. The two mouths must become separate not only in space but also in time.

Here is a diagram to help you out.



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