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Will humans live forever starting in 2029?

Ray Kurzweil is Google’s chief futurist and in a huge believer in The Singularity, which is the moment when humans, thanks to the advancement of technology, will be able to live forever.

He believes “we will reach a point around 2029 when medical technologies will add one additional year every year to your life expectancy. By that I don’t mean life expectancy based on your birthdate, but rather your remaining life expectancy.”

Then supposedly by the year 2045 he thinks “The nonbiological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today.”

A lot of things would have to happen in the next 30 years to make The Singularity a reality but Kurzweil isn’t fazed. He predicts that nano machines capable of taking over for our immune system (to fix problems such as cancerous cells/clogged arteries) and connecting our brains to the cloud will be available by within the next few decades.

He likens these changes to evolution such as our ancestors developed the use of the frontal cortex some 2 million years ago.  Kurweil has adopted a strict diet with the hope of making it to 2045 and will be signing up to live forever.

If The Singularity does become possible would you want to live forver? What type of ethical and immoral concerns does this raise? How would society change if you knew anything could be cured or fixed?

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