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What will Trump do if he doesn’t win?

To say this election has been insane is an understatement. From the low blows to the crazy rants to people really showing their true colors when it comes to criticism , we have truly seen it all. Never in history has an election been so nasty and well televised. Thanks social media!

You’d think those running for the most coveted office in the world could at least respect their peers enough to fake nice and focus on the issues.

While the question of what Trump might do if he wins gives half the country anxiety and nightmares, the question of what he will do if he loses is an interesting one. Trump doesn’t seem to be one who handles 2nd place very well. He’s an all or nothing kind of guy.

Where will he go?

Anywhere he wants. He is still a billionaire.

What will he do?

It’s rumored that he would start a Trump network similar to OWN (Oprah’s TV network) and continue to preach his gospel.

Will he run again? 

Who thought he would even run this time? Who knew he would get so far? Anything is possible.

What do I do? 

If you are a Trump supporter or a Republican and you want to continue to show your support vote for Republican nominees and stay tuned to Fox for the latest.


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